F-15 Eagle Screensaver

F-15 Eagle Screensaver

F-15 Eagle Screensaver will bring a mighty aircraft to your desktop
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Do you like flying? I guess most people do. How about flying one of those high tech airplanes? How about being the pilot of the well-known F-15 Eagle fighter plane? F-15 Eagle Screensaver will bring a mighty aircraft to your desktop.

This awesome screensaver will not let you fly this magnificent airplane, but it will surely fill your mind with images of you controlling this great bird. You will be able to see 24 high quality pictures of this famous fighter in different scenarios. The F-15 Eagle is an airplane designed to be superior to most of the enemy planes out there. It is supposed to be able to maintain superiority in tactical and aerial combat.

Few airplanes have the speed and thrust of the F-15 with its double engines which impulse him at such a great speed that it can even climb vertically. F-15 Eagle Screensaver will allow you to see the plane at take off, in a vertical climb, doing routine flights and more. You will even see a group of F-15 on the ground, as if waiting for the signal to enter the action. Every image will surely let you feel the power and energy that this aircraft owns. You will receive a lot of comments from your friends and colleagues as soon as they see your computer go idle.

Fernando Soni
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